TIMKEN vibrating screen special spherical roller bearing

2018-09-22 15:09:46

TIMKEN vibrating screen special spherical roller bearing

Timken uses the highest quality steel and the most stringent quality standards to produce bearings, so TIMKEN spherical roller bearings are ideal for vibrating screen applications. Indeed, in the harsh environment of the mining site, this special bearing can reduce the damage of the broken particles to the bearing. The key point is that Timken's design of a fully machined copper cage gives bearings many advantages, such as more durability and less heat. In addition, the new surface treatment technology for rollers and raceways further enhances these advantages.

High quality steel
Enhanced roller surface accuracy
Enhanced raceway surface accuracy
High strength copper cage
Centrifugally cast and fully machined YM or YMB cage

Enhanced cage design for less heat generation
Optimized roller end for easy roller guidance
The cage shape makes the roller stability better

Timken feature code:
YM=Single-piece machined copper cage
W33=The outer ring has a lubrication groove and three lubrication holes
W800=Vibrating screen bearing special code - stricter inner and outer diameter tolerances; clearance is the upper 2/3 part of the specified clearance (conventional C4)
W47=Enlarged inner diameter
W810=Reduce the inner diameter
W22 = smaller outer diameter tolerance
W49=large outer diameter outer ring
W45A=Outer ring end face with lifting threaded hole